Columbus Blues Challenge – the Lineup!!

Here’s scoop, ladies & gents! All times are approximate – if an act doesn’t take their full time, and the next act is ready to go – we’ll keep on moving!

Next Sunday – August 20th at King Avenue 5! Doors open at 12:00. Music starts at 1:00.Admission is $10 for members/$15 for nonmembers. ALL proceeds go to the winning acts. Winners will be announced as soon as the scores are tallied & verified.

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For all the deets on the Challenge, click here!

1:00 Dane Phillip Smith & Toby “Cookie” Shamblin

1:30 Roadhouse Redeemed

2:00 Change It Up Charlie

2:30 Paisha Thomas

3:00 Snake Farm

3:30 Troubled Waters Band


4:00 Scott Horn

4:30 Harold Stewart & The Blueshounds

5:00 Damian Knapp

5:30 Orion & The Constellations

6:00 Skyla Blumenscheid

6:30 Keith “T-Bone” Colbert