Innervision takes 2nd place!!!

photo credit: Roger Stephenson

A well-deserved congratulations goes out to Innervision for taking second place at the 2016 IBC solo/duo finals – way to represent, Sam & Genene! But, that’s not all….

Sam was also awarded the IBC’s Best Harp Player, receiving a COMPLETE set of Lee Oskar harmonicas! Very well, done Sam!

Ohio dominates the IBC again!!

Congratulations to Innervision, representing the Columbus Blues Alliance, for making the 2016 IBC Solo/Duo finals!!

Also making the 2016 finals are:

Micah Kesselring (The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society of Marietta)

Sonny Moorman (Cincy Blues Society)

Tee Dee Young (The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society of Marietta)

Congratulations to ALL IBC participants for doing their best and putting on a great show – especially, Columbus’ Band, Deuce ‘n a Quarter, and our Youth Showcase act, Blues Horizon. They made Columbus proud!!